Off The Grid - FAQ

Q: What is the cost for the weekend and what does it include?
A: The cost is $80/person and $20/child (12 and under). This covers all of your food for the weekend, your lodging, course materials and all other costs for the weekend.

Q: What do we need to bring?
A: sleeping bag & pillow, inflatable mattress or some type of camping mattress, flashlight, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, Bible, personal clothing, toiletries, hammock (optional), bathing suit (optional)

Q: What are the bathroom facilities like?
A: There are bathrooms located in a central location in the OTG village. They have flush toilets and water for hand washing. There are rustic shower areas in each house but no running water to them. Water can be heated on the stoves and mixed with cold water for a bucket shower. It is quite the experience!

Q: Do we need to bring food?
A: No, all meals and snacks are provided for the weekend. If you would like to bring additional snacks that is fine. Please note there is no refrigeration available in the village. (If health needs require food or medication to be refrigerated feel free to contact us and we can discuss options.)

Q: Is there a children’s program?
A: There is no specific children’s program as there have only ever been a handful of children on any given weekend. The atmosphere up there is very relaxed and the OTG village is a children’s paradise. Depending on age the children have enjoyed just playing while the sessions were running or sitting in the sessions with their parents. Parents are free to handle it however is best for their children. The families that have come through Off The Grid have loved the experience!

Q: I know OTG is about missions, but what are the sessions about? What topics are taught?
A: Our sessions throughout the weekend focus on three areas: how God has been building His church throughout history, how He is working today and how NTM is a part of the big picture of missions.

Q: Can I e-mail my registration form instead of faxing it or sending it via snail mail?
A: No. We need to have an original signature on the form. That can’t be done if it is emailed. Sorry for any inconvenience! 

Q: Where are you located?
A: The OTG village is located on the New Tribes Mission campus just south of Durham, ON. The address for a GPS is: 313363 Hwy 6 South, Durham, ON.

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